Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vintage Post from Pople backyard farm from July 2013

 Thank you to Woolzies  Dryer Ball for sending me these great little tools to keep my laundry all soft and nice. Here is what these do-

- Soften Naturally
-Reduce drying time by 25%
-Reduce static
-eliminate wrinkles
- chemical free
-Safe for people with wool Sensitivities
-Homemade from fine New Zealand Wool

Woolzie invited us to have a give a way of a set of laundry balls with them.. to enter just mention this blog and email them at  Sweepstake ends 8/6/13 12pm


Shopping at Walmart today...
Here is how Clay and I store bananas once the weather cools down.. for now everytime we get food in we freeze it right away or can so we don't waste anything.. we bought some bananas today for .47 lb at Walmart the cheapest I have seen bananas that aren't on the clearance rack.. We ate a banana and cherries which were 3.00 something on the way home rather than running to Taco Bell after shopping because we had ice cream with us.. The price of Ice Cream here is terrible.. okay.. back to the bananas.. once the weather cools.. we hang them in the garage.. the skin turns BLACK but the banana inside is white and perfect..for MONTHS.. we store onions, oranges, etc.. just hanging from onion bags in the garage.. it is DRY so it is a cool storage rather than WET.. this time of the year to be sure everything would ROT but once that weather cools you can go from say december to april.. it is awesome
  I like to plan early so just like those of us who extreme coupon.. store the good foods for months rather than the junk.. :)

 Molly our Rex Rabbit had 5 babie.. A Rex has the softest fur it is like thick velvet. She had 3 little black bunnies and two bunnies that look like her. The Daddy was Grocho our California Buck  He's got 5 wives right now.. 2 of which are california like him. His fur isn't as soft as Molly's but he sure is pretty.


Did you know... that a Turkey hen can have a egg without a Tom turkey?

did you know.. that .. you can eat the leaves of radishes?

Did you know that a hen will lay more eggs in the winter if you turn a light on?

Try ginger for car sickness and for air sickness.

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